Dani Martineck is a New York-based non-binary actor, writer, and scientist from Knoxville, Tennessee.

Dani has brought their compelling range and watchability to roles as varied as a homicidal teenage boy, a yippy dog, a discontented servant, a prince, a gangster, and a shipwrecked woman posing as a man.

Dani's short plays have been read and performed at Cherry Lane Theatre, Under St. Marks Theatre, Jimmy's No. 43, and Primary Stages Studios. They are a member of New York Shakespeare Exchange's 2018 Diversity Cohort and are currently developing a play with Urban Stages.

In addition to theater, Dani also writes and acts for the camera. They teamed with visual artist/filmmaker Eva Depoorter to adapt their silent solo play Eat Your Words into a short film (which they also starred in), and they are a contributing writer on Eric Cotti's series MONOVLOG. Most recently, they starred in the short films Potion Masters (opposite Pearl Rhein) and The Cosmic Conundrum of Cathy Clarke. Check out the What's New page for updates on Dani's projects.

When not acting and writing, Dani manages a behavioral neuroscience lab at Baruch College and works as a literary consultant with Parity Productions. 

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