• May 2019: Dani joins New York Shakespeare Exchange for their Freestyle Lab “Armor as Strong: Trans Warriors through a Shakespearean Lens” at NYPL. More details on this free event here.

  • June 2019: A new short play of Dani’s will be featured in Blackbox Gaylist (Blackbox Playlist) at the PIT on June 7th. Tickets are $12 in advance and $15 at the door.

  • June 2019: Dani is one of the 50 queer playwrights contributing to The Stonewall 50 Plays at Queens Museum on June 22nd. More info on this free event here.

  • Spring 2019: Dani’s new play for Urban Stages Outreach about Nikola Tesla and Robert Moses, What You Leave, is touring to Brooklyn libraries!

  • August 2019: Dani’s episode of the podcast Girl Tales about a non-binary Peter Pan, “Pan the Pirate,” airs in mid-August!





DM Blue Bloods.jpg

Booked 1st network co-star role on CBS’s Blue Bloods

Thanks to Eddie Rabon at Take 3, Dan Patack & Sekka Scher at Ellipsis, and the lovely Blue Bloods team! Photo by episode writer Dan Truly.

  • Got 1st Broadway callback

  • Got 1st Off-Broadway callback

  • Got 1st video game callback

  • Recorded 1st audiobook narration

  • Performed in 7 new plays—garnering 1st reviews in NYC press—and 6 new play readings

  • Wrote and presented 3 new short plays

  • Wrote 1 new play commissioned by Urban Stages Outreach Program, which toured to Adult Learning Centers in Brooklyn

  • Wrote and presented 1 excerpt of a full-length commissioned by/developed with New York Shakespeare Exchange’s Diversity Cohort

  • Acted in 1 feature film, 2 short films, and 2 web series pilots

  • Signed with 1 agent for theatrical (legit)

  • Started working with 1 management team



  • Starred in 3 short films

  • Appeared in an additional 2 short films and 1 web series, now available on Amazon Prime

  • Presented 3 new short plays and 1 excerpt of a full-length in progress

  • Performed in 2 new plays and 1 new play reading

  • Started freelancing with 1 commercial/print agent

  • Wrote a monologue for 1 web series